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Finding El Dorado
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    An Allegorical Story of Self-Growth and Mentorship Combined with a Wonderful Mixture of a Little Fantasy, Travel, History and a Revealed Secret Society.

    It is Part of an Ancient Tale Told to a Give a Deeper Understanding as to the Nature of Fraternal Virtues and Callings for All Who Read it. Read about the world's best kept hidden and protected secrets. A story written as a fictional novel, with underlying truths. Could it be true that there is a path that would lead a person to an unbelievable richness of growth and self-fulfillment? Join Drew as he seeks the answers to these profound questions.

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  • Author Mason Pratt

    During his entire adult life Mason has been an active member in many fraternal and esoteric organizations. Learning the lessons and teachings of these groups, both public and clandestine, he created a fictional novel with underlying truths.

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    Authors Expectations

    Mason is not shy about what he expects from readers. He asks that they enter into an imaginative exercise and embrace a world in which the basic rules of reality can be awaked far beyond the way we normally understand them. Imagine if you will, that there is a true path that leads a person to an unbelievable richness of growth and self-fulfillment.

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  • Finding El Dorado Novel

    Reader Reviews

    "I call Finding El Dorado the "Atlas Shrugged" of fraternal societies."
    - Frederic L. Milliken, PM

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    "I really enjoyed this book. Many of the ideas presented resonate with me on a deep level. Interwoven within the story line are snippets of historical information and tantalizing bits of correlations that would only be known to a person knowledgeable of the craft. Reading this was like to taking a small vacation from reality into another realm. It reminds me of another famous best-selling book from years ago. I will highly recommend this book to my friends and colleagues. Thanks again Brother Pratt, I look forward to your next adventure!"
    - Ra Benon January 27, 2016

    "I enjoyed this book. As I have searched the internet for good positive books about Freemasonry that tell the great story of it's positive traits. This book fits the bill. It is still a little more science fiction that I would like but it is needed to show what we would like Freemasonry to have the power to do. Make good men better and serve mankind for the good. I would encourage every Mason and those interested in the good that masonry does to read this book. I am looking forward to Part 2".
    - Amazon Kindle Customer on November 16, 2015

    "I loved it! It was a great read and well written. It would a great piece for anyone interested in Freemasonry but with a flare of science fiction. I felt like I was on the journey with Drew, always seeking answers and knowledge yet finding more! The twist at the end was unexpected yet well worked into the story of his initiation process. The book leaves you with wanting know more of Drew's future as well as opens you up for a look into our world of Freemasonry".
    - William Prout

    "A great read! Was surprised by the ending and books rarely do that these days."
    - Amazon Paperback Customer on November 22, 2015

    "In reading Finding El Dorado, I almost from the start, became Drew. As a Masonic Brother, I have been reunited with the ritual and wonder if there is an organization like the Strykers. I would be very interested as I am in my later years of becoming a person like Drew. I highly recommend this book to anyone who cares about others and would like to assist them in their daily living. I am looking forward to your next book."
    - William Murphy, PM

    "This is a great read. Mason does a fabulous job of introducing each of the characters. Because of this you can not only envision them but it is easy to relate to each one. It holds your interest as it gets going and makes you want to continue reading the story. One thing about the book is the way Free Masons is explained to the extent it is. I really only found a couple of downsides. One being, the editing. A much better job needs to be done on the other books of the series. The other would be the intricate explanations of the zodiac signs. Could use a little less description. If you can look past these you will enjoy this book. You can see his style of writing improving as the book goes along. If you like a fantasy story based on alot of facts you will love this read. Cannot wait for the next book in this series."
    - Mike Tilton

    "It was a great fictional read, very educational and a wonderful addition to our esoteric library. I highly recommend it as a worthy addition to everyone's library!"
    - David Lettelier, PM

    "Finding El Dorado is a must read of introspection, growth and self worth"
    - Albert H McClelland O.S.M., PM

    "The book is very interesting and exciting"
    - Burt Babbidge, PM

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  • Finding El Dorado

    Novel Synopsis.

    Drew Wyatt wanted to help make the world a better place. Unfortunately, he saw himself as an average person with an average life. After his fathers death, he encounters a secret society called the Strykers, a network of like-minded people that possess seemingly amazing abilities, the basic elements of which can alter the course of society. Their direction is accomplished by forming new leaders using several ancient arts and sciences that move their initiates past the petty struggles of money and power. In this knowledge, Drew discovers a "worldwide"' unity of humanity which is held together by these constructive ideals.

    Who are these people? Where did they get the ability to do these mystical events? Lastly, why are they inviting him to join their ranks? Follow Drew on his journey of growth and discovery while pursuing enlightenment.

    Be a witness to his introduction into the mysterious world of Finding El Dorado....

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    About Mason

    Mason Pratt was born on February 7, 1955 in Bradenton, Florida. He grew up in this west coast community graduating from Manatee High School in 1973. Mason attend Florida Southern College in Lakeland earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Humanities in 1977. He worked for several years in the banking industry before deciding to attend Law School in Lansing, Michigan where he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 1984.

    He has worked the last 30 years in the legal field, government agencies and the computer industry.

    Mason now lives in a suburb of Portland Maine with his wife Donna and their long haired dachshund, Liza Jane.